Our Values


At uMfolozi TVET College we are guided by the following values which are important to us as an organization.






Promotion of the quality of being a  good human being,  which involves accepting other people, both internal and external stakeholders as part of our lives and being generous towards them.




Accountability remains the cornerstone of the College's administration and governance with an aim of acknowledging responsibility for all actions, products, decisions, and policy compliance.




Pursue excellence in all activities by being trustworthy, loyal, fair, transparent, and sincere.




Integrity demands that all within the College must operate with the highest ethical and moral conduct thus upholding responsibility and displaying honesty and tolerance.



It relates to being susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others, receptive, approachable, and sensitive to the local community and its needs.


Confidentiality  Take extra care with the privacy and confidentiality of all stakeholders’ information within the college except when disclosure is authorized or legally required as stipulated in the POPI Act.